Video Player

Play videos from coursera, edx and youtube.

Download Manager

A full featured download manager with priority queue and speed throttle.


Manage all your courses, online – from coursera, edx and youtube or offline – from your local hard drive, all in one place.

Voice Notes

Take voice notes linked with or independent of videos.


Take text notes, linked with or independent of  videos.


Track your time, set deadlines and reminders.

Study From


Import youtube playlists as courses, watch videos and take notes online and offline.


Download whole courses or individual videos and resources from coursera or watch videos online.


Watch edX online course videos, you can also download courses and videos.

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Reviews on Borg

Thank you for developing BORG. It has really relieved me of manually downloading videos from Coursera. I am a heavy Coursera user and sometimes I will need to go to places without fast wifi, so I would have to download the videos before I go. This tool has helped me save so much time! You are awesome!


Yanfeng Liu Computer Vision Research Assistant & Electrical Engineering senior undergraduate student at UNL
I am so thrilled. It was really amazing to download all the materials with a single click. The best part is to have everything downloaded and saved in an organized way. This makes your life so easy.
Malik Fehan

Borg is simple, fast, intuitive and an elegantly designed software. Loaded with many small meticulously designed features, all designed to make most of online education.

Simply put, it does its job perfectly.

Tanmay Yadav

Borg allows me to concentrate on learning rather than preparing the course material. MOOCs have become accessible even more. I can explore new courses, download videos, study and take notes all in one place.
Give it a try!

Hamideh Iraj Data Scientist, Garduate Researcher at The University of Tehran


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