Learning in Tandem with a hello

Immersion and Application, the two phases in my language learning process which are difficult to complete solo, without anyone to talk to.
So you can imaging my joy when after reading my previous post a friend of mine introduced me to Tandem.

Tandem is exactly the thing I needed, it is a language exchange app where you can meet people from all over the world, talk to each other and learn languages.

It took only a few minutes to install it and setup my profile. After that came the hard part, messaging someone and talking to them. Normally, I am not really shy, but this time I was quite hesitant. Somehow I mustered up my courage and took the leap.

What I found was way beyond any of my previous experience in online chatting with strangers. Generally, a simple hello is never enough. To actually initiate a conversation, there has to be more than that. But here it wasn’t so, I sent a hello and paused to think what to say next, when to my pleasant surprise there was a reply back already, a hello.

It was a pleasant conversation.

Everyone I talked to was really helpful, polite and encouraging. I think in a way we are all in the same boat, learning from each other, so it is to be expected. But it really surprised me, I generally don’t get good results chatting online. 🙂

I met some great people yesterday and had fun, they practiced their English while I practiced Spanish, though I am still not at a basic conversational level yet, I can comprehend written Spanish.

It is very exciting, perfecting your new language by doing real conversations, talking to people from different cultures and countries. All of this right from the comfort of your home.

Author: Gautam

I am a Human, MOOCer, Harmonica Enthusiast, Budding Polyglot and an Indie Game Developer. I develop apps and games for fun and profit. Wherever and whenever you see me, I am sure to have my harp in my pocket. Maybe if you say please I will play you a tune.