Borg is now on Patreon and going to release soon.

A very happy new year everybody!

The Borg pre-release version has already been sent to the early supporters. The rest of you will get the release version on the 10th of January, that is the day after tomorrow. All of you have been very encouraging despite the delays and I thank you for that. I am making a dedicated site for Borg at And Borg will be downloadable from there.

We are on patreon too, so if you want to be a patron for Borg, you can support us at

And once again, thank you everybody for patiently waiting so long, the wait is soon going to be over.


Edit :
I am not keeping well, I am down with viral fever.
Release will be delayed by a few days.



Borg Status Update

Hi Guys!

I am really sorry about the delays, and the late status update.
My health hasn’t been good, I have not been able to sit in front of the computer ( or sit at all for more than 10 minutes ), so progress has been slowed down to a crawl.
Please pray for me so that I get well soon. 🙂

I had thought of releasing a beta version, but as Borg is so close to completion, I decided it would be better to give you the stable version with all the features promised.


Borg for Android and iOS in the works. First test on device successful.

Current status of Borg :
Complete :
  • Online/ Offline library with support for courses downloaded elsewhere as well as coursera, edx and nptel courses
  • Borg now scales properly for retina or high-density displays like mobiles.
Partly Complete:
  • Short time stamp based notes (comments) on video :  the database structure and video linking is done, all that is left is to make a proper UI for it.
  • Download Manager : working well but needs a UI revamp ( for mobile devices)
  • ToDo List : is complete but yet to be integrated in Borg.
  • Drawing Pad : is complete but yet to be integrated in Borg.
  • Event Logger : is complete but yet to be integrated in Borg.
  • Mobile Versions : iOS and Android, tested and semi-working,
    • Borg needs some UI/UX improvements for making it mobile ready
    • File manager for mobile devices.
Very little done:
  • User Dashboard : The first screen, with shortcuts to recent courses, utilities etc. : Not Complete.
  • YouTube Playlist/ Course Support