HaxeFlixel and OpenFl 4

Today after a very long time, I opened haxe again in the hopes of making a small game.

Updated all the libraries using haxelib upgrade.

But when I tried running my HaxeFlixel project. I found that Flixel is not yet compatible with the latest version of OpenFl.
Flixel is currently incompatible with OpenFL 4.0.0. Please use version 3.6.1 or older.
Flixel is currently incompatible with Lime 3.0.0. Please use version 2.9.1 or older.

So, in the Project.xml I set these settings, in the hopes that it would work.

But, Alas! It failed to compile and gave me a new error!

Scratching my head, I looked it up on Google, but to my utter horror could find no solution.

In the end I had to rollback my version of openfl and lime for the time being. And I set them back to the required versions using HaxeLib.

That worked 😀

Now back to GameDev!

Haxe with IntelliJ IDEA

I have been using Sublime Text for my Haxe projects on Mac. Sublime Text has many great features but I missed the ease of use and features of FlashDevelop.
Then some days ago I saw this video from WWX 2015.

I have never used IntelliJ IDEA before. I am going to try it out now. I am sharing my experience in this post as a newbie, familiar with Haxe development but not with IntelliJ IDEA.

After downloading IntelliJ IDEA community edition from https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/download.
I came across this post by Jason Sturges.  It is a step by step tutorial on how to setup IntelliJ IDEA with Haxe.

Setting up a Haxe project in IntelliJ IDEA is not as simple as in using Flash Develop or Sublime Text, but the features now supported for Haxe make it seem promising.

Following this tutorial I was up and running with IntelliJ IDEA and Haxe in around fifteen minutes.

This is just the start, I am really excited about all the new features for the Haxe IntelliJ IDEA plugin.