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Borg News – 11 Dec ’15

Borg, provides a seamless study experience from online/offline videos, with note taking capabilities tightly integrated with videos.

With three kinds of note taking options – typed, voice and handwritten.

A full featured download manager, for course videos and resources.

Save whole courses in the library for quick access in the “courses” section.

Create combined playlists, called “collections” using videos from various online and offline sources – Local Hard disk, Coursera, Youtube and  edX. Making it an excellent study/research tool.

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BORG Status Update

Thank you for all the supportive and encouraging emails and messages that I receive everyday. I am glad that you guys are looking forward to my product (Borg MOOC Study Companion) and believe me I am working on it full time, and have put all my other projects / games on the back-burner.

The Coursera and edX downloading functions were ready a long time back. Now downloading YouTube playlists is also possible with this. A lot of thought and reworking has gone in designing a good UI and UX (This has taken a lot of time).

Library management features have also been included and tightly incorporated.

Time-stamp based short notes – text, audio and handwritten, have also been incorporated.

Borg is coming out to be a great study tool and I am sure everybody will love it.

Till then do bear with me, I am as enthusiastic about this product as you all are.

We all enjoy learning from the great courses available online. And through Borg

it will be a easy and better organized process.

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Some in development Screenshots
Coursera Calculus One course playing in BORG
Coursera Calculus One course playing in BORG
edX Course Listing in BORG
edX Course Listing in BORG

Borg Status Update

Hi Guys!

I am really sorry about the delays, and the late status update.
My health hasn’t been good, I have not been able to sit in front of the computer ( or sit at all for more than 10 minutes ), so progress has been slowed down to a crawl.
Please pray for me so that I get well soon. 🙂

I had thought of releasing a beta version, but as Borg is so close to completion, I decided it would be better to give you the stable version with all the features promised.


Borg for Android and iOS in the works. First test on device successful.

Current status of Borg :
Complete :
  • Online/ Offline library with support for courses downloaded elsewhere as well as coursera, edx and nptel courses
  • Borg now scales properly for retina or high-density displays like mobiles.
Partly Complete:
  • Short time stamp based notes (comments) on video :  the database structure and video linking is done, all that is left is to make a proper UI for it.
  • Download Manager : working well but needs a UI revamp ( for mobile devices)
  • ToDo List : is complete but yet to be integrated in Borg.
  • Drawing Pad : is complete but yet to be integrated in Borg.
  • Event Logger : is complete but yet to be integrated in Borg.
  • Mobile Versions : iOS and Android, tested and semi-working,
    • Borg needs some UI/UX improvements for making it mobile ready
    • File manager for mobile devices.
Very little done:
  • User Dashboard : The first screen, with shortcuts to recent courses, utilities etc. : Not Complete.
  • YouTube Playlist/ Course Support



Borg Status Update

Borg was going to be released on 30th September. But sometimes things don’t work out as predicted. My health wasn’t quite good for the last few days and after that some other projects got in the way.

Borg is now back on track. Only a few days left for its release. I am working on making its first release as bug free as I can.

The things I have added in the last few days –

  1. Incorporated proper edx support now, previously only edx mobile courses were supported.
  2. Solved the video player bug, because of which it used to play only audio for some videos. Turns out it was a problem with handling different kinds of encoding.
  3. Some UI bugs removed. Improved UX.

Today I am working on the offline video and course library.

I am sorry for not keeping you guys updated, the last few weeks were really hectic.
Regular status updates coming soon.

The (hi)story of BORG : Study Companion

It all started about two years back, when I started studying on coursera. I was really excited and the courses were awesome.

But where I live, the internet speeds are not very good, so I used to download a video while I watched a previously downloaded one. This process was cumbersome and I had to wait a lot before I could study.Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.18.36 PM



Then I came across a python script which could download and rename the files from coursera, I was elated.

But this too had its own problems, it could not resume downloads, it skipped broken downloads and there was no easy way to add new downloads or prioritize them, what I needed was something like JDownloader for coursera.

So, I decided to make one. I initially named it Ouroboros – because learning is infinite, but the name Ouroboros seemed too long, so it was renamed to BORG in later versions.

The application I had made was GUI based and easy to use, it could resume downloads, had a priority list, speed throttle and better naming and organizing capabilities than coursera-dl.

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