30 days Better eyesight challenge. Part 2

This is in continuation from my previous post.
And conclusion to that challenge…

The results were quite good until I forgot to do them one day and work came and took my time away.

Only 10 days out of 30. My eyes felt healthier and refreshed.

These are the exercises I am using : http://www.blackbeltforums.com/threads/shaolin-eye-exercise-part-1.1044/

I am going to attempt this challenge again.

Today is the 6th of December 2016.

HaxeFlixel and OpenFl 4

Today after a very long time, I opened haxe again in the hopes of making a small game.

Updated all the libraries using haxelib upgrade.

But when I tried running my HaxeFlixel project. I found that Flixel is not yet compatible with the latest version of OpenFl.
Flixel is currently incompatible with OpenFL 4.0.0. Please use version 3.6.1 or older.
Flixel is currently incompatible with Lime 3.0.0. Please use version 2.9.1 or older.

So, in the Project.xml I set these settings, in the hopes that it would work.

But, Alas! It failed to compile and gave me a new error!

Scratching my head, I looked it up on Google, but to my utter horror could find no solution.

In the end I had to rollback my version of openfl and lime for the time being. And I set them back to the required versions using HaxeLib.

That worked 😀

Now back to GameDev!

Learning in Tandem with a hello

Immersion and Application, the two phases in my language learning process which are difficult to complete solo, without anyone to talk to.
So you can imaging my joy when after reading my previous post a friend of mine introduced me to Tandem.

Tandem is exactly the thing I needed, it is a language exchange app where you can meet people from all over the world, talk to each other and learn languages.

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On Conquering Spanish! and learning anything new.

I am really excited right now.

Today, on the thirty sixth day since I started learning Spanish on duolingo, I have conquered the Spanish skill tree. And even got a shiny new trophy for my efforts. But before I get too excited and forget myself. I’ll put a dampener on my excitement and shall remind myself that I still cannot hold a conversation in Spanish.

I have split my learning process into three phases. Introduction, Immersion, and Application.

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