BORG Status Update

Thank you for all the supportive and encouraging emails and messages that I receive everyday. I am glad that you guys are looking forward to my product (Borg MOOC Study Companion) and believe me I am working on it full time, and have put all my other projects / games on the back-burner.

The Coursera and edX downloading functions were ready a long time back. Now downloading YouTube playlists is also possible with this. A lot of thought and reworking has gone in designing a good UI and UX (This has taken a lot of time).

Library management features have also been included and tightly incorporated.

Time-stamp based short notes – text, audio and handwritten, have also been incorporated.

Borg is coming out to be a great study tool and I am sure everybody will love it.

Till then do bear with me, I am as enthusiastic about this product as you all are.

We all enjoy learning from the great courses available online. And through Borg

it will be a easy and better organized process.

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Some in development Screenshots
Coursera Calculus One course playing in BORG
Coursera Calculus One course playing in BORG
edX Course Listing in BORG
edX Course Listing in BORG

Author: Gautam

I am a Human, MOOCer, Harmonica Enthusiast, Budding Polyglot and an Indie Game Developer. I develop apps and games for fun and profit. Wherever and whenever you see me, I am sure to have my harp in my pocket. Maybe if you say please I will play you a tune.

  • Outstanding to hear! Hope all is well, and our excitement grows. Keep up the good work.