30 days Better eyesight challenge.

Focusing too much on my apps and studies without any thought to my health has caught up with me. Sitting at the computer for long hours at a stretch, not exercising and not relaxing my eyes has made my eyes weak. And as I don’t go out much, I never realized how weak.

Yesterday, I got a new pair of glasses. Thick, high-powered glasses, which feel damn uncomfortable. The power of my glasses has nearly doubled since I last had a checkup (which was 3 years ago).

So I have decided, that I will get rid of them. I haven’t taken proper care of my eyes till now, but that changes today.

I will take a five minute break after every 25 minutes in front of the computer and I will relax and exercise my eyes in that time. I will also do the exercises every day just after waking up and before sleeping.

I will write about these exercises in detail in the next post.

For keeping track of time, I have started using a timer app which rings an alarm every 25 minutes and reminds to take a 5 minute break.

My goal in this challenge is not too ambitious, By the 15th of August I want to be able to make out what is written on my guitar from where I sit, without glasses.

My guitar, around two meters away from me, looks like this when I am wearing my glasses.








And this is what it looks like without glasses (today, on 14th July 2016)









I am posting about this challenge over here so that I stick to it and not backslide on my word.

Author: Gautam

I am a Human, MOOCer, Harmonica Enthusiast, Budding Polyglot and an Indie Game Developer. I develop apps and games for fun and profit. Wherever and whenever you see me, I am sure to have my harp in my pocket. Maybe if you say please I will play you a tune.