30 days Better eyesight challenge. Part 2

This is in continuation from my previous post.
And conclusion to that challenge…

The results were quite good until I forgot to do them one day and work came and took my time away.

Only 10 days out of 30. My eyes felt healthier and refreshed.

These are the exercises I am using : http://www.blackbeltforums.com/threads/shaolin-eye-exercise-part-1.1044/

I am going to attempt this challenge again.

Today is the 6th of December 2016.

HaxeFlixel and OpenFl 4

Today after a very long time, I opened haxe again in the hopes of making a small game.

Updated all the libraries using haxelib upgrade.

But when I tried running my HaxeFlixel project. I found that Flixel is not yet compatible with the latest version of OpenFl.
Flixel is currently incompatible with OpenFL 4.0.0. Please use version 3.6.1 or older.
Flixel is currently incompatible with Lime 3.0.0. Please use version 2.9.1 or older.

So, in the Project.xml I set these settings, in the hopes that it would work.

But, Alas! It failed to compile and gave me a new error!

Scratching my head, I looked it up on Google, but to my utter horror could find no solution.

In the end I had to rollback my version of openfl and lime for the time being. And I set them back to the required versions using HaxeLib.

That worked đŸ˜€

Now back to GameDev!

Learning in Tandem with a hello

Immersion and Application, the two phases in my language learning process which are difficult to complete solo, without anyone to talk to.
So you can imaging my joy when after reading my previous post a friend of mine introduced me to Tandem.

Tandem is exactly the thing I needed, it is a language exchange app where you can meet people from all over the world, talk to each other and learn languages.

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On Conquering Spanish! and learning anything new.

I am really excited right now.

Today, on the thirty sixth day since I started learning Spanish on duolingo, I have conquered the Spanish skill tree. And even got a shiny new trophy for my efforts. But before I get too excited and forget myself. I’ll put a dampener on my excitement and shall remind myself that I still cannot hold a conversation in Spanish.

I have split my learning process into three phases. Introduction, Immersion, and Application.

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Borg Pre-release available. Get yours now.

Borg has its own dedicated site at gautamji.com/borg. News updates on Borg will be posted there.
You can also follow Borg on twitter at twitter.com/BorgMooc and like Borg’s Facebook page : facebook.com/BorgMooc for updates and news.

Borg is not yet ready for public release, if you are interested in getting a pre-release copy, you can request one at gautamji.com/borg/downloads.


Borg is now on Patreon and going to release soon.

A very happy new year everybody!

The Borg pre-release version has already been sent to the early supporters. The rest of you will get the release version on the 10th of January, that is the day after tomorrow. All of you have been very encouraging despite the delays and I thank you for that. I am making a dedicated site for Borg at http://gautamji.com/borg. And Borg will be downloadable from there.

We are on patreon too, so if you want to be a patron for Borg, you can support us at https://www.patreon.com/BorgMooc.

And once again, thank you everybody for patiently waiting so long, the wait is soon going to be over.


Edit :
I am not keeping well, I am down with viral fever.
Release will be delayed by a few days.



Borg News – 11 Dec ’15

Borg, provides a seamless study experience from online/offline videos, with note taking capabilities tightly integrated with videos.

With three kinds of note taking options – typed, voice and handwritten.

A full featured download manager, for course videos and resources.

Save whole courses in the library for quick access in the “courses” section.

Create combined playlists, called “collections” using videos from various online and offline sources – Local Hard disk, Coursera, Youtube and  edX. Making it an excellent study/research tool.

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BORG Status Update

Thank you for all the supportive and encouraging emails and messages that I receive everyday. I am glad that you guys are looking forward to my product (Borg MOOC Study Companion) and believe me I am working on it full time, and have put all my other projects / games on the back-burner.

The Coursera and edX downloading functions were ready a long time back. Now downloading YouTube playlists is also possible with this. A lot of thought and reworking has gone in designing a good UI and UX (This has taken a lot of time).

Library management features have also been included and tightly incorporated.

Time-stamp based short notes – text, audio and handwritten, have also been incorporated.

Borg is coming out to be a great study tool and I am sure everybody will love it.

Till then do bear with me, I am as enthusiastic about this product as you all are.

We all enjoy learning from the great courses available online. And through Borg

it will be a easy and better organized process.

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Some in development Screenshots
Coursera Calculus One course playing in BORG
Coursera Calculus One course playing in BORG
edX Course Listing in BORG
edX Course Listing in BORG